nespresso lab

Nespresso is constantly copied by (parasitic) brands, which have appropriated its capsule patent drop to steal part of its share. To recover awareness we developed a sub brand strongly focused on concept and experimentation - we named it LAB. The idea is to recover that revolutionary vision of 1970 when Nestlé created his famous machine and the unusual system of capsules.


the white boardless


A capsule is born in a divided land once seen through angry eyes. A coffee rises from a Holy ground where miracle has always been tested, with half Palestinian and half Israeli soils.


molecular harmony

A taste of a good cup of Nespresso has always been enhanced with its perfect food match - a carrot cake, a salty cheese, a redberry pie. But what if we dive deep? - We remove the excess off and show the essence of how to pair a Nespresso.


Nespresso Ristretto and sugar cane

Nespresso Arpeggio and smoked strawberry chocolate


Nespresso Capriccio and tapioca (starch extracted from cassava plant)

behold the ordinary

People that beat George Clooney in relevance. They have been our great creative strategy for 3 years. We put a different face on Nespresso in Brazil by changing the hollywood heartthrob for real brand lovers. Below, a campaign to help breaking down the common sense of Nepresso as just espressos coffee by encouraging the brand's consumption in the mornings routines.

can you imagine

where your

Nespresso comes from?

In Brazil, Nespresso is a coffee brand full of mistery. Partly because all grains roasting, blending and encapsulation are made in Switzerland. Or maybe because their colorful capsules stately stay behind all those fancy boutique windows. So we ask our costumers. Huge farms full of high tech machines? Big trucks? Machinery work replacing human labor?

It is time to discover our ORIGINS.

So we invited 3 club members to see it all for themselves. They went through a journey to discover how our pure origin Dulsão do Brasil is born at the altitude of the Minas Gerais mountains.